Hanging on to Coca-Cola collectibles? This vintage bottle is valued at $150,000

When you think soft drinks, two brand names probably come to mind right away — Coke and Pepsi. These two have been battling for their share of the soft drink market for as long as most of us can remember. But which one came first? Even if you have long ago selected your favorite between the two, you may not be aware of the long and winding road each has taken to arrive on the shelves of your local grocery store today. The story of Coca-Cola dates back all the way to It was the creation of a man named Dr. John S.

Death by Diet Soda?

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Before manufacturing Coke bottles, Coca Cola was produced in soda fountains. Then they started serving Coke in glass bottles. Any brand tries to protect its.

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11 Facts About the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle

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You grip the tumbler itself rather than using a handle. Editions of Coca-Cola glass cups you will find. Over the years, the company has.

Want to know how to identify and date Coke bottles? There are many variables that need to be considered to identify the dates of Coke bottles. Before manufacturing Coke bottles, Coca Cola was produced in soda fountains. Then they started serving Coke in glass bottles. Any brand tries to protect its products against imitators, who may damage a company’s interests if they operate on a large enough scale. Likewise, the Coke manufacturer also took out patents for some aspects that can help you identify them.

This video presents the history of Coca-Cola bottles that may visually help on how to date Coke bottles:. Spencerian script is used in the logo of Coke bottles with red and white colors. The combination of colors is simple and bold, and it attracts the audience easily. We will also provide you some tips which would help you in this process of differentiation. Having shared happiness with the help of their products for more than years, the brand has employed various symbols.

There are numerous plants that manufacture glass Coke bottles all over the world. Also, over the years, there had been differences in branding the bottles. So, to identify Coke bottles, a simple study would not help.

Coca-Cola Collectibles

There was a collective gasp among Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi drinkers this week after media reports highlighted a new study that found prodigious consumers of artificially sweetened drinks were 26 percent more likely to die prematurely than those who rarely drank sugar-free beverages. The study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, followed , Europeans over 16 years and tracked mortality among soft-drink consumers of all persuasions — both those with a fondness for sugary beverages and those who favored sugar-free drinks.

Given the well-documented health effects of consuming too much sugar, it was little surprise the authors found that people who drank two or more glasses of sugar-sweetened beverages a day were eight percent more likely to die young compared to those who consumed less than one glass a month.

old coke and pepsi glass bottles. Categories: Coca Cola, Pepsi The story of Coca-Cola dates back all the way to It was the creation of a.

In the many years that the company has been in business, there have been many styles of old Coca-Cola bottles. Each design is unique and collectible ; however, some of the bottles are rarer, and therefore, more valuable than others. Coke has a long and interesting history and was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi in Before that, it had been a soda fountain item as well as a syrup being sold in bottles as a patent medicine.

The earliest Biedenharn Coca-Cola bottles used a Hutchinson patent bottle. These bottles were in common use for many types of soda and spring water from about to Coke was not the only company that used this type of bottle. Currently, there have been more than 16, different embossed Hutchinson style bottles located. You can see a picture of the Hutchinson style bottle by visiting a bottle identification website ; scroll about halfway down the page to find the image.

The Troubled History of Soda Pop and Carbonated Beverages

Buy here with confidence. Six sided with a lady on the inside telling you about how Coca-Cola contained “80 quick-energy calories” and compares that to apples, oranges and other things people considered healthy at the time. They call it the “refreshing secret”.

These bottles were designed for crown closures and bore the trademark Coca-​Cola embossed in glass along with a diamond-shaped label. Bottlers would order.

So you started wondering: does soda go bad? Since soft drinks come with a date on the label, many people decide to discard them once they pass that date. And some preservatives if needed. All of that is tightly closed in an aluminum can or plastic bottle. As I described earlier, all kinds of soft drinks are very similar in terms of ingredients. You can store an unopened can in the pantry, kitchen, or in the fridge. That is, of course, if you want some of those bubbles to stay in the drink.

As I already mentioned, soda comes with a best-by date on the label. As long as the bottle or can is unopened, the liquid is well protected from the outside world. And that means it should easily last at least a few months past that date. In many places, you can find people suggesting that soft drinks last about 6 to 9 months past the date on the label. There are no hard and fast rules here. All we work with here are estimates.

Then they lose most of its fizz, just champagne does.

The state of collecting Coca-Cola

Bottles from larger cities are usually easiest to find, and, in general, the smaller the town or city, the scarcer the bottles. A common misconception is that the city name indicates where the bottle was actually made. In general, the city name, in most cases, has nothing to do with the location where the bottle itself was manufactured. Some of the larger glass manufacturing companies made Coke bottles and other soda bottles such as Pepsi, Seven Up, etc for hundreds of different cities around the United States.

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The two companies were both well-established by the time the Cola Wars broke out. Coca-Cola dated back to , when a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia invented the drink and began selling it to soda fountains. Up in North Carolina , another pharmacist invented his own sugar-drink in Over the next several decades, Coke emerged as the more popular soda. Starting in , its famous Santa Claus ads marketed it as a refreshing drink you could enjoy year round.

Meanwhile, the Pepsi-Cola Company struggled financially and went through several reorganizations. In , it merged with Frito-Lay, Inc. Keough toast each other with cans of “New Coke”, which the company switched to after 99 years of the previous formula. In response, Coca-Cola started doing a few things differently. The next year, it released caffeine-free versions of Coke and Diet Coke.