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A history of the trombone in timeline form. Dedicated to Paul Weschke, a well-known Berlin trombonist. Important early solo in the Russian military band tradition Lenthe. Just have a look at the score! At any rate, the first trombone must be outstanding, with a colossal tone and mighty breath! Would not your first trombonist in Berlin, whom I have heard highly praised, be best for this?

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King closing the music the second night with a set that will start around the same time. This weekend’s fest includes local, national and international stars on the National Grid Main Stage, with Central New York award-winning high school vocalists Julia Goodwin and Nick Ziobro starting the music on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

That piece combo will be followed by Raul Midon, a singer and guitarist from New Mexico who’s been blind from birth. The timeless blues guitar and voice of Mr.

In , H.N. White acquired the Cleveland Musical Instrument Company. A disassembled King trombone. In

Because of Mr. White’s personal involvement and knowledge of acoustical principles and mechanical experience, he was able to perfect the trombone. From to each trombone slide was actually made by Mr. Important facts to consider before you look up your serial number:. King serial numbers are difficult to track due to the different variations of product changes and the lack of official records.

All of the serial numbers listed on this page end when The H. White Company was sold in After , all instruments were manufactured in Eastlake and engraved with “King Musical Instruments. Special Note: If your instrument says “The King” plus has a “lion head” by the serial numbers you have the earliest and oldest manufactured by H. White between and Special Note: Please keep in mind that model changes might not have been made to all trombones in the production line and may not be respective of the true age of your instrument.

The following information is to be used as a guide to narrow down the year your instrument was produced. Special Note: Gladiator was produced from

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This is a list containing the specifications of non-custom trombone models from various manufacturers that have been discontinued. I hope to add to and continually update this list – please do let me know if you spot any errors or omissions. Please take a few moments to read my copyright notice and disclaimer if you haven’t done so already.

Discontinued Trombone Model Specifications.

Photos and descriptions of antique trombones. Date of manufacture unknown. Our first edition of the Golden Oldie project features 2 old King Trombones.

The H. White Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Henderson White, an engraver and instrument repairman. White started out working for McMilin’s Music Store. He often hung around the theater acquainting himself with the musicians and looking for repair work. Described in the King 50 Years of Achievement in the Band Instrument Industry, “For many months the two men collaborated, pooling their experience as artist and mechanic.

Frequently Thomas King went from the theatre to White’s shop to the the model trombone in its various stages of development. After long and painstaking effort the first of the famous line of King band instruments The article goes as far as to say, “Every professional trombonist in Cleveland bought one. In , White paired with F. After that V. Kohlert saxophones. The first world war enhanced White’s desire to make American made instruments using the supplier Cleveland musical Instrument Company.

In , many horns were made for military bands.

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The trombone is a musical instrument in the brass family New king legend series. Chappy is free to download, though as their user base grows, so too might potential in-app purchases. Enter additional citations for one area using Be2 for various drugs and pull though as such as women. Please keep in mind that most catalogs were dated on the back and should be will have a “lion head” by the serial numbers and are engraved “The King”.

King 3b plus legend series trombone. Have you ever just wanted to tear my clothes off?

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Follow Trombone Shorty Written by Trombone Shorty himself, and illustrated by Corretta Scott King Illustrator Award winner Bryan Collier, this vibrant

King Musical Instruments originally founded as the H. White Company is a former musical instrument manufacturing company located in Cleveland , Ohio , that used the trade name King for its instruments. After four changes of ownership for King Musical Instruments since , the rights to the King name are currently owned by Conn-Selmer, Inc. The company was founded as the “H. White Company” in by Henderson White, an engraver and instrument repairman.

In , The H. White company hired Foster A. Reynolds , a talented brass instrument maker at the J. He worked with White to further develop instruments. After the import rights for Buffet products were lost to Carl Fischer of New York in , White started importing woodwinds from the V. White built a plant to manufacture orchestral woodwinds in

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One of the best ways to avoid reproductions and fakes is to know and understand how originals are made. Reproductions are rarely made the same as originals due to changes in materials, labor costs and modern production techniques. When looking at brooches, you can get a good idea of the age of the piece by studying the catches, hinges and pins Fig.

For the purposes of our discussion we are going to use the words “brooch” to mean the decorative, ornamental piece.

Vintage King Trombones, H.N. White Era will often have the serial number on the tuning slide, but not always. Here is what we have seen at our.

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